Within this selection of work David has revisited the very original ideals he worked with around 35 years ago, when taking up photography as a school elective.

During the years running up to the Higher School Cert and further college studies, key elements of David’s work involved focusing on form, colour and texture. Married together with in-camera multiple exposures and an array of experimental darkroom techniques. David’s very early works always relied on a random nature of capture and further exploration to piece the puzzle together.

All images on display are constructed from an initial camera capture of 40-80ish frames. The frames are then blended as David begins to bring the un-seen puzzle together within Photoshop.

The intent behind these images was not only a process of past and current personal exploration, but a need to depart from the commercialised world of complete control and refinement that David has worked in for much of his career. These images utilise the same equipment and work practices, but rely on random turns and a willingness to let go and see where it takes you.

The theme of this body of work started out as an exploration of Iconic sites. Capturing typical points of interest, but departing from clichéd imagery depicting the subject; images that are now over manipulated, enhanced and do not emulate the true scene. Some of David’s images are immediately recognizable, however his endeavor was to mold these ‘point of interest’ into a work of art worthy of staging on a wall. Putting all techniques aside, another key motivation was to depart from a photograph looking like a photograph and have it align with the qualities of an etching.

All of David’s works benefit from his desire to provide the highest quality product. All materials are museum grade and will out live any aspiring owner.